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📅 Last Updated: 17th September 2023

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Greetings, traveler! In the vast digital expanse, your privacy stands paramount, and I, as its guardian, am committed to its protection. Journey with me to understand the tenets of privacy within the walls of

Data We Gather:

  • Personal Information: This is akin to your digital signature. It encompasses details you voluntarily provide, such as reaching out via email.
  • Browsing Data: These are the digital traces you leave, encompassing details like IP addresses, your chosen browser, and the previous site you visited.

Purpose of Gathering Data:

  • Enhancement: Your interactions and feedback aid in refining our digital domain to better suit your needs.
  • Communication: At times, I might dispatch updates or news that could pique your interest.
  • Security: To fortify our defenses against potential digital threats.

Cookies and Their Magic: Similar to enchantments, cookies are employed to enrich your experience. For a detailed incantation on this, consult our cookie declaration.

Trusted Collaborators: Rest assured, while I liaise with certain third-party entities to optimize our offerings, their commitment to safeguarding your data mirrors ours.

Your Choices: For those not keen on cookies (the digital variant), your browser offers the means to decline.

Security Measures: Our digital fortress is fortified with advanced measures. However, it’s prudent to note that no bastion, no matter how robust, can guarantee absolute impregnability.

Policy Updates: As the digital landscape shifts, this policy might too. Noteworthy alterations will be communicated prominently.

AI Interactions: In this digital epoch, exercise caution: Refrain from divulging sensitive or personal information to chatbots. Their purpose is assistance, not confidentiality.

Your Agreement: Navigating our domain signifies your acceptance of these guidelines.

Reach Out: Queries, feedback, or insights? We’re all ears. The means to contact us is detailed below.

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