Terms of Service

📅 Effective Date: 16th August 2023

Welcome to reecegeorge.com

Embark on a journey through the digital corridors of reecegeorge.com, a haven of professional expertise and content. By navigating our digital domain, you signify your acceptance of these Terms. Should any clause unsettle you, you’re always free to retreat.

Exploring Our Digital Landscape

  • Usage: You’re invited to traverse our realm for personal, non-commercial endeavors. However, refrain from appropriating any treasures (content) without our explicit consent. Delve deeper into our copyright stipulations on the dedicated page.
  • Services: At the helm of reecegeorge.com, I present a myriad of professional offerings. While I strive for excellence, perfection isn’t always guaranteed.
  • Payments: Should you engage in a transaction, ensure timely payments as per our agreed-upon terms.
  • Content: The content here is curated with diligence. However, its infallibility isn’t guaranteed.
  • Intellectual Property: Every piece, from prose to imagery, is shielded by stringent copyright laws. Acquire our permission before disseminating them elsewhere.
  • Liability: Neither I nor my associates (directors, employees, affiliates) bear responsibility for any adversities or damages stemming from our digital platform.
  • Amendments: These Terms might undergo revisions. Significant alterations will be prominently announced, with the updated effective date highlighted.
  • Access Rights: In the event of disruptive behavior, I reserve the right to restrict access to our platform without prior intimation.
  • Jurisdiction: These terms are governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales, devoid of any conflicting principles.
  • Communication: Should you wish to converse or raise inquiries, reach out using the contact details provided below.

Refund & Cancellation Policies

  • Consultations: If our Skype session fails to meet your expectations, rest assured, your payment will be reimbursed.
  • Cancellation Policy ($400/hr Consultation with Reece George):
    • Notify 48hrs in advance for cancellations.
    • Refunds:
      • 48hrs: Full refund or reschedule.
      • 24-48hrs: 50% refund or one-time reschedule (subject to availability).
      • <24hrs: No refund. Reschedule at Reece’s discretion, possible fees.
    • No-shows: No refund.
    • Late Arrivals: Session ends as scheduled, no time compensation.
    • Exceptions: Allowed for emergencies at Reece’s discretion.
    • Clients get a booking confirmation and a 72hr reminder. Ensure correct date/time.
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