Martu Woman


Title: Martu Woman
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 87 x 115 cm
The painting is unstretched and unframed.

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This ‘Martu Woman’ isn’t just a figure – she’s a living embodiment of strength, wisdom, and connection to country that spans over 60,000 years. The intricate dotwork cascading like hair represents millennia of knowledge passed down through generations. The golden background evokes the sun-baked Western Desert, while the central form rises like a sacred mountain, grounded yet reaching skyward.

But here’s what you might miss: hidden in plain sight are the secret women’s business, the Dreamtime stories, and the laws that have sustained the Martu people since time immemorial. The swirling pink forms whisper of fertility and nurture, while the contrasting black and white speak to the balance of all things in nature.

This artwork doesn’t just decorate a wall; it’s a visual symphony of an entire worldview, a culture that has thrived in harmony with one of Earth’s harshest environments for countless generations.

“Martu Woman” isn’t just a painting – it’s an invitation to connect with the wisdom of Australia’s First Peoples, a chance to bring a piece of the world’s oldest continuous culture into your home.

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