Martu Woman


Title: Martu Woman
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 87 x 115 cm
The painting is unstretched and unframed.

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As an Indigenous Australian artist and proud Martu man, I draw from a wellspring of ancient traditions and contemporary experiences. The painting, “Martu Woman,” is a tribute to the enduring strength and wisdom of Martu women. This piece depicts a woman stepping from the darkness into the light, symbolizing the journey from past to present. The contrasting black and gold background highlights her transition, while the vibrant red and white patterns on her form tell tales of resilience and cultural richness. “Martu Woman” embodies the spirit of a people who have thrived for millennia, offering a powerful narrative of transformation and continuity. Own this piece and embrace the profound legacy and dynamic future of the Martu culture.

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