Dingo Dog


Title: ingo Dog
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 60 x 76 cm
The painting is unstretched and unframed.

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Meet “Dingo Dog,” a cheeky, vibrant embodiment of the Australian outback. In this painting, the dingo stands proudly, its playful eyes hinting at mischief and adventure. This artwork captures the spirit of the Martu people, one of the oldest living cultures on the planet, known for their deep connection to the land and its creatures. As a Martu artist, I pour ancient narratives into each brushstroke, blending tradition with a contemporary flair. “Dingo Dog” is more than a playful image; it’s a guardian of the Dreaming, bringing joy, resilience, and a touch of wild Australian spirit into your home. Let this fun and bright painting remind you of the unbreakable bond between the Martu and their beloved outback.

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