Artist and Scholar, Dr. Reece George.

reece george

I‘m a Martu man, an Indigenous Australian, from the Pilbara region of North-Western Australia (WA).

Formally speaking, my title is Dr., Dr. (because I have two PhD’s). I’m the first Indigenous Australian to receive two PhD’s in two separate disciplines; one in Information Technology and the other in Marketing. I’m probably the first Indigenous Australian to be awarded a PhD in Marketing.

Here are some other things about me you need to know:

  • I lived in the WA Desert with my Grandmother for five years.
  • To draw, I use an Apple pencil on an iPad Pro.
  • I’ve been online since 1995, around the time the Internet was born. In 1998, I started building commercial websites and in 2003 I started specialising in Search Engine Marketing.
  • I’m a dreamer, a yogi and a dad.
  • I went from door-to-door for twenty-five years, talked about the Bible to roughly seventy thousand people. I no longer participate in any religious activity and have become openly critical of powerful marketing organisations targeting vulnerable audiences.
  • I try to be fun but my girlfriend is the fun one. That’s why Sumara manages most of the customer service.
  • My work ethos is to:
    • Ask meaningful questions
    • Listen (deeply, respectfully)
    • Make changes
    • Repeat

 I eventually came to the conclusion that Indigenous peoples participation was often nonconsensual, so

About this website

flowerThis website is an example of how Aboriginal artists and communities can use the Internet to generate an income, independent of greedy middlemen or government funding. Your support really makes a difference.