About Reece George

reece george

Professional Bio

Reece George, a proud Martu man, hails from the Pilbara region of North Western Australia. His deep connection to his Indigenous Australian heritage is further enriched by the formative years spent in the WA Desert, with his grandmother.

Academically, Reece stands out with two significant achievements. He holds a PhD in Information Technology and another in Marketing, making him the first Indigenous Australian to earn a PhD in the latter discipline. Furthermore, he is recognized as the first Indigenous individual to achieve PhDs in two distinct fields.

Over a span of twenty-five years, Reece’s door-to-door work has been marked by meaningful interactions, having personally connected with approximately seventy thousand individuals in various capacities.

In addition to his academic prowess, Reece brings warmth and authenticity to his daily life. Mornings find him crafting the perfect brew as a skilled barista. His contributions as a critical writer reflect his depth of thought and commitment to his fields of expertise.

Driven by passion and a visionary mindset, Reece continues to make significant strides in his professional journey, always valuing the essence of genuine connections.