Cuber: Cybersecurity chatbot

This comprehensive checklist and summary provide a detailed guide on maintaining personal cyber security across various digital platforms, emphasizing the importance of strong passwords, software updates, data encryption, cautious internet usage, email security, social media vigilance, and mobile app management. It also highlights the role of advanced security tools and practices in protecting against malware, phishing attacks, and other cyber threats.

Conversation Starters

Chatbot will converse on these issues and any more, use these to get started.

Cybersecurity topics reformulated as questions that you might ask Cuber:


  • “Can you tell me why it’s important to use different passwords for each account?”

  • “How do I know if my passwords are strong enough?”

Personal Computer:

  • “How can I check if my antimalware software is active and updated?”

  • “Why is it necessary to regularly update software for cybersecurity?”

  • “Can you explain the importance of hard drive encryption?”

  • “How should I back up my important files for maximum security?”

  • “What should I include in a disaster recovery plan for theft or damage?”

Using the Internet:

  • “What privacy tools should I use while browsing the internet?”

  • “In what situations should I use a VPN for added security?”

  • “How do I ensure a website is secure before making transactions?”

  • “Can you help me set up two-factor authentication on my accounts?”


  • “Why should I remove important attachments from my emails?”

  • “How can I verify the authenticity of links in my emails?”

Social Media:

  • “How can I make my social media accounts more secure?”

  • “What should I know about managing third-party app connections on social media?”

  • “Why should I be cautious about what I post on social media?”


  • “How do I keep my mobile apps updated for security?”

  • “What’s the best way to back up essential files on my mobile?”

  • “How can I verify the authenticity of apps before installing them?”

  • “Can you guide me on how to audit app permissions on my phone?”

General Cyber Security:

  • “How has antivirus software evolved to combat different malware types?”

  • “What should I know about the risks of Trojans?”

  • “Why is HTTPS important for safe data transactions?”

  • “Can you explain how cookies impact web security?”

  • “What are sextortionists, and how can I protect myself?”

  • “Should I use a password manager like LastPass or DashLane? What are the benefits?”

  • “How does 2-factor authentication add an extra layer of security?”

  • “How can I check if my email or passwords have been compromised?”

  • “What precautions should I take when posting on social media?”

  • “Why should I use a VPN, and when is it most beneficial?”

  • “Is using a VPN on public Wi-Fi important? Why?”

  • “How can I recognize and avoid phishing attacks?”

  • “Why is it important to regularly monitor mobile app permissions?”

These questions are framed to allow the chatbot to provide detailed answers and guidance.