Chatbot Solutions by Reece George, Ph.D.

Transform Your Business with AI-driven chatbot Expertise

About Reece George

With dual PhDs in IT and Marketing and over 24 years of experience, I, Reece George, am at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge AI technology with empathetic, human-like conversational experiences. I specialize in creating chatbots that not only serve your needs but also resonate deeply with your customers.

Chatbot Services

  1. Customer Service Chatbot with Personality
    • Pricing: Initial Setup – $500 | Monthly Maintenance & Refinement – $300
    • Features:
      • Tailored personality matching your brand ethos
      • Continuous refinement for optimal user engagement
      • Real-time learning from user interactions
  2. Staff Training Knowledge Base
    • Pricing: Initial Setup – $500 | Monthly Maintenance & Refinement – $300
    • Features:
      • Efficient, round-the-clock training assistance
      • Evolving knowledge base catering to dynamic training needs
  3. Advanced Lead-Generation Chatbot
    • Pricing: Initial Setup – $750 | Monthly Maintenance & Training – $300
    • Features:
      • Captures and organizes lead information effectively
      • Intelligent interaction for higher user engagement and conversion

Ethical AI Commitment

Rooted in my extensive academic research and ethical marketing practice, I ensure all chatbots are developed with the utmost respect for user privacy and ethical AI standards.

Why Choose Reece George’s Chatbots?

  • Expertise Backed by Academic Excellence: Benefit from solutions crafted by an expert with dual doctorates and decades of experience.
  • Limited Clientele for Personalized Attention: I take on a limited number of projects to ensure each client receives dedicated focus and tailor-made solutions.
  • Urgency & Exclusivity: With a cap on client intake, securing your spot is crucial. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your business with advanced AI solutions.

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