AI Policy

📅 Last Updated: 20th November 2023

1. Introduction:

At George and Meers, we leverage the power of AI to enhance our chatbot solutions and digital services. This policy underscores our dedication to the responsible and ethical use of AI technologies.

2. Purpose:

Our aim is to provide clear guidelines for the design, implementation, and utilization of AI-driven solutions, upholding our values of transparency, fairness, and accountability.

3. Scope:

This policy encompasses all AI-powered solutions and innovations developed and offered by George and Meers.

4. Principles:

  • 4.1 Transparency:

    • Commitment to clarity on how our AI solutions are developed and their expected outputs.
    • Ensuring that AI-driven recommendations or decisions are accompanied by understandable explanations.
  • 4.2 Fairness:

    • Designing AI solutions to be unbiased, ensuring equitable treatment across diverse user groups.
    • Regular assessments of our AI tools to identify and correct any unintended biases.
  • 4.3 Accountability:

    • Taking full responsibility for the AI solutions we create.
    • Promptly addressing any issues or discrepancies that arise.
  • 4.4 Privacy & Data Protection:

    • Designing AI solutions with a strong focus on user data privacy.
    • Compliance with all applicable data protection regulations and standards.
  • 4.5 Continuous Learning:

    • Commitment to the ongoing improvement and evolution of our AI solutions.
    • Regular updates to ensure our AI tools remain effective and relevant.

5. User Engagement:

  • Encouraging user feedback to better understand the impacts of our AI tools in real-world scenarios.
  • Providing avenues for users to voice concerns or report issues related to our AI-driven services.

6. Collaboration & Partnerships:

  • Embracing collaboration with industry peers, academic researchers, and the broader AI community to share knowledge and best practices.

7. Review & Updates:

  • This policy will undergo an annual review to align with the latest advancements in AI and ethical considerations.

8. Contact:

For any inquiries or concerns related to our AI policy or practices, please contact us using the information provided on our website.