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When was the last time you tasted a real tomato? One that when you bite into it, you are reminded of the tomatoes from your grandmother's garden. Tom Simpson's Organic Tomatoes

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Simpson's farm is a permaculture, an ecosystem dedicated to growing and producing the best organic food you can eat. We are passionate about caring for our vegetables and animals in the way nature intended. We provide an alternative for people who care for our environment, animal welfare and for their own health and vitality.


Growing produce is not just our business; it's our life. We understand better than anyone why a commitment to sustainable farming practices is not just good business; it's a requirement for the long-term viability of farming, the health of people who eat healthy fruits and vegetables, and the health of our planet.


Socially responsible agriculture extends to every step of the process, from the farm through to putting fresh produce on your table. We are committed to supporting programs to improve our employee opportunities related to wellness care, education and the environment. The best practices create the best product, and that's our commitment.


Transplants are raised organically. This is a requirement of the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce.

Transplants are planted by machine, in double rows to make efficient use of soil nutrients and encourages rapid coverage of the bed surface.

Ground Preparation and Soil Nutrition

Compost is an important addition to our organic soil management program. Compost is produced onsite.

Nutritional requirements are met organically by a range of practices such as green manuring, livestock manures and composts, lime, mineral rock dusts, commercial organic fertilisers and foliar sprays.

Harvesting and Marketing

Tomatoe vines are lifted from the field, the fruit removed mechanically and then conveyed along a sorting platform, where they are graded by field workers.

A large range of processed organic tomato products are currently produced. Unprocessed products are supplied to farmers’ markets, health food and restaurant outlets.

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