Stretch for 30 Seconds a Day For Computer Users
For Moderate-to-Heavy Computer Users

Easy To Do

You will receive one brief email reminder each day from Dr. Reece George containing a concise description of the stretching exercise to preform, while your at your desk. Each stretching exercise only takes about 30 seconds.

Privacy policy: Emails are never sold or given out to anybody.

The mailing list is password-protected and is only used for one-way announcements from Reece George. No spam, no discussions. See the privacy policy details.

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To see the type of stretching instruction recieved from signing up, see Seated Clasping Neck Stretch
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We use MailChimp to host this newsletter mailing list. It has better usability than other mailing list services we investigated.

At the bottom of each message from this mailing list is a special webpage address that is encoded with your subscriber information. Simply click this link to get a page that will remove you from the mailing list. You can also go to this generic link to unsubscribe.

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Psychological strategies are deliberately used to persuade end users to stretch for 30 seconds each day. The persuasive technology policy has been developed to dispel any fears of using persuasive technology to achieve this goal. Please read the full disclosure of the persuasion strategies employed if you have any concerns.

For any further questions about the use of persuasive technology, contact: Dr. Reece George, 29 Parkes St, Woodstock, NSW 2793, Australia, Ph: +61 2 6345 0016, Email: