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What is Howlite?

Howlite, also referred to as ‘snow white’ is a very soft mineral which is white to grey in colour and occasionally has black veins running through it. Howlite is usually dyed to create imitation Turquoise. Howlite gets its name from the geologist who discovered it, Henry How. Howlite has a Mohs hardnessrating of 3.5.



Coral, also know as Precious coral, is an organic gemstone. The distinguishing features of precious coral are its durability and intensely coloured skeleton . The coral typically grows on rocky sea beds at depths of between 10-300m in areas around Japan, Taiwan and near the straights of Gibralter. Coral has a Mohs hardnessrating of 3.5.

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What does ‘925’ silver mean?

Our Products

While the majority of our jewels are made of solid sterling silver and hallmarked with ‘925’ or ‘92.5’ as required by law, we also offer jewels which are made with other metals, such as Copper and Brass.

FYI: in the item description, if next to ‘Metals:’ the term ‘925 Sterling Silver’ appears, it means that this item is made of solid sterling silver.

Please note: All of our 925 Sterling Silver jewels are hallmarked with ‘92.5’ or ‘925’ or ‘925 Silver’ with the exception of fragile and tiny items which could damage if hallmarked or too small to carry the hallmark.


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