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Paper Reprints

For publishing a physical reprint on paper; for example, a printed book or brochure or a set of handouts for a course), permission is granted under the following conditions:

Page refers to whole scrollable Web page (HTML files with embedded pictures), not the number of printed pages needed to reproduce an article.

Printing is permitted under the condition that the URL for each original Web page is included.

Physical reprinting of larger number of pages is only granted with explicit permission which involves a license fee of $250 per article.

Electronic and Online Reproduction

Permission to reproduce articles on websites is not given without paying a license fee. If you are interested in referring your website visitors to my articles, then simply place a link to the article on your site.

Rights to copy articles onto your own site are available for a license fee of $250 per article.

Fair Use Quotes

Fair use, in the case of writing a review or commentary about, allows you to illustrate your review or commentary with one or more screenshots of the site without special permission.

You can quote a few words or lines from any of my published articles without special permission.

Even though there is no rule that requires this, it would be appreciated if any quote was supplemented by a link to the full article on so the reader can retrieve the original content.