Reece George Ph.D., has been part of the IT industry since 1993, which was about the same time as the birth of the Internet. Dr. George's first Ph.D. was in the discipline of Information Technology, which focused on Human-Computer Interaction in a cultural context, for the development of a website for an Aboriginal community, using Indigenous methodologies. His 2nd Ph.D., which is currently in progress, is in the discipline of Aboriginal Studies and focuses on the use of Persuasive Technology within an Indigenous maternal health context.

Reece is an advocate for developing human-centered computer systems through the use of contextual enquiry. Twenty years experience in door-to-door direct marketing is the catalyst behind this approach. He cautions designers not to be 'designer centered and system centered', or to project a 'view of the designer as all knowing' but rather to adopt a user-centered approach such as participatory design. In the development of innovative IT, he adopts the wisdom of BJ Fogg, when he said, 'Many crummy trials beats deep thinking'.


The Wollotuka Institute
Research Student, Ph.D. (Aboriginal Studies), project in progress: Developing SMS Health Messages for Pregnant Indigenous Australians, Using Persuasive Technology.

The University of Newcastle
Research Student, Ph.D. (Info Tech), project completed 2012: Capturing Cultural Requirements in the Design on a Website for an Aboriginal Community

Watchtower Bible & Tract Society
Door-to-door Direct Marketing: conversing one-on-one with an estimated 70,000 people, over a period of twenty years.

Self Employed
Freelance Website Developer: Sixteen years experience (part-time and full-time) in the development and maintenance of websites.

Ph.D., Information Technology (2012)
The University of Newcastle

Bachelor of Computing (2000)
James Cook University


George, R 2012, Capturing Cultural Requirements in the Design of an Website for an Aboriginal Community, PhD thesis, The University of Newcastle.

George, R, Nesbitt, K, Donovan, M & Maynard, J. (2012), 'Evaluating Indigenous Design Features Using Cultural Dimensions', Australian Computer Society.

George, R, Nesbitt, K, Donovan, M & Maynard, J 2011, 'Focusing on Cultural Design Features for an Indigenous Website', Proceedings of the Australasian Conference on Information Systems .

George, R, Nesbitt, K, Donovan, M & Gillard, P 2010, 'Identifying cultural design requirements for an Australian Indigenous website', Australian Computer Society.

Member of: Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) since May 2015.

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